mercoledì 2 giugno 2021

Sea Elf Bolt-thrower - converted from a Dark Elf one (1991)

I've been looking hard to find a Sea Elf (slash High Elf) Bolt-thrower from WFB 3rd editions, and I was lucky. More than lucky, in fact, as fellow
Oldhammer Elf fan Tim Welch was so gallant to let me have some bits in need of love - a Dark Elf Bolt-thrower missing its original wheels and its crew. They had earlier been painted up but probably disassembled at some point. I stripped them and set myself to sculpt some new wheels with copper wire and greenstuff, which turned out okay-ish. Well, here they are.

They don't look too abysmal, I hope, as members of the Lustrian Sea Elf clan of the Silverpearl, inhabiting the Elf island off the coast of the Imperial Slann city of Osshual. Known for their craftiness in trade and diplomacy, the Silverpearls have a long history in Lustria, which they credit to their habit of not entering melee. They let other, smaller, younger and less important clans join the fray for them. The Silverpearls man the bolt-throwers.

The original crew sculpts looks like a proper militia, none of them having similar armour or equipment. I painted them accordingly, tying them together by the use of similar colours: a garish cyan, off-white and black. They all have a similar, pale shell on the base.

martedì 13 aprile 2021

Skaven Clanrats from Warhammer Island of Blood Box (2010)

 I'll keep it extra-short this time. I've been having fun painting a bunch of Skaven pawns. Originally they're from WFB 8th edition box Island of Blood (dated  2010), the one with the High Elves too, but these are great for any game from WFRP to HeroQuest. Enjoy.

Mithril Mordor Orcs - M151, M310

I have been quite hyped with Middle-earth lately, possibly as a consequence of the new TOR RPG Kickstarter, and I decided to dig up some baddies from the Mithril leadpile. So here we are with these Mordor Orcs: M151 from 1990 ("Mordor Orcs") and M310 from 1993 ("Mordor Orc Standard Bearer").

I went for a simple paint-job: dark brown skin-tone, black and tan clothes, black leather and iron armour and weapons. I added a bit of bronze/brass here and there, and a red eye painted on the standard. Overall I am pretty pleased with the result, considering the effort - Orcs do not require too much detail after all.

lunedì 12 aprile 2021

Mithril M132 Bard of Esgaroth (1990)

Bard of Esgaroth. First sculpt of this character by Mithril, in 1990. Solid figure, in quite a theatrical pose: not really suited to be used as a playing piece, but easily associated with the topical moment of Bard's life - when he shoots the Dragon.

I always liked Bard, since my first reading of the Hobbit. There is something fresh with him, that being essentially an anti-hero, a stern man with a coarse voice, whose grim advice goes unheeded by the people until the moment of need, when he turns into a real hero, a Dragonslayer and then a true king, not only by blood but also by merit. Like Bilbo, he was underestimated by all, and possibly by the reader too, which makes his rise even more surprising.

He's been variously portrayed in graphic arts: 

A perpetually angry archer by M. Belomlinsky (1976)

A scruffy looking man from the animated Rankin/Bass animated movie (1977)

A determined warrior in the Dixon graphic novel (1998)
A bewildered vagrant by Denis Gordeev (200?)
A handsome single father in PJ's movie trilogy (2012-2014)
Say what you want, Belomlinsky's Bard is my absolute favourite, by far. Here's mine, a sand-blonde fellow with yellow, black and brown clothing, aiming his longbow high to shoot the Dragon.

mercoledì 31 marzo 2021

Mithril M15 Northman Scout (1988)


This is a nice miniature, even by Mithril's excellent standards. It belongs to what I consider the height of Mithril Miniatures and of Chris Tubb's sculpting skills. It was nice to paint, too - to be honest, the pictures don't do justice to the paintjob, which is better than my average.

I experimented a bit with trimming on clothes, and I think it came out nicely. For the inspiration I have to thank the many historical re-enactors that create awareness about High Middle Ages on Instagram.

Drachenfels - The Great Enchanter, Westfalia Miniatures (2019)

I bought this miniature during a Kickstarter from Westfalia in 2019 or so. The moment I saw it I knew I had to have it - it was, after all, modelled blatantly on Martin McKenna's excellent illustration from the WFRP Drachenfels sourcebook.


When finally I got it I got quite intimidated by it and it sat in a box for a while. That is until February 2021, when fellow Oldhammerist @paula_she_creature launched a competition on undead. Martin McKenna had recently passed away at 51, and his death still made me uneasy. Martin was one of the essential Oldhammer artists to me. His work in the Enemy Within campaign defined it, and any new edition without his art is watered down to me. So to remember him I decided to give a go to this miniature.

The curse of Drachenfels still hung on anything connected to him: the miniature fell from the table (I almost never drop my miniatures, and this dropped twice), breaking index and middle finger and the horns of the helm. I was able to fix the latter, but the beautiful hand is forever gone.

Other than this, the miniature was easy and fun to paint. Here it is, in all its darkness. Drachenfels, the Great Enchanter, Warhammer's first and most insane supervillain.

Godspeed wherever you are Martin. We already miss your art.